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Participant at the solidarity night, Vienna, 10.7.2004

Photo: Philipp Schneider


The Action Alliance against HIV/Aids is an association of various NGOs which calls for a greater Austrian involvement in the global fight against HIV/Aids.

We cannot accept:
• how the basic human right to life and health is denied and has become an issue of poverty and wealth;
• that millions of people suffering from HIV/Aids die and daily thousands more are infected;
• that the financial funds necessary to implement prevention and treatment measures are lacking;
• how HIV positive people are excluded and stigmatised.

Therefore we support the United Nations (UN-AIDS) appeal “Live and let live”.


We wish to support the people of the poor countries of this world to make for them the basic human right of health care possible – this includes prevention and the appropriate treatment of HIV/Aids.

With this joint campaign the Austrian Action Alliance against HIV/Aids aims to achieve:
• that the right to health and best possible medical treatment for children, women and men, regardless of the family income, is made possible.
• that, through educational and political awareness training, the number of new infections with the HIV virus will drop drastically.
• that both nationally and internationally sufficient financial aid is available to take the necessary preventative, care and treatment measures for HIV/Aids patients.
• that HIV positive people are not stigmatised and socially isolated. Therefore we support the United Nations (UNAIDS) appeal “Live and let live”.

We, the NGOs joined together in the Action Alliance against HIV/Aids, demand from the Austrian Government:
• an adequate allocation of additionalo financial aid for effective prevention programmes and the humane treatment of the affected. *
• multilateral lobbying for worldwide unlimited access to vital, indispensable medicines for people of the poorest countries.
• to respect the “Doha Declaration” of the World Trade Organisation WTO, and to advocate in WTO negotiations for the provision of generics for all HIV/Aids infected people.
• a determined support of substantial debt reduction for poorer, highly indebted countries, so that funds are available there for the prevention and treatment of HIV/Aids.

We demand from the pharmaceutical industry:
• production-cost delivery of indispensable medicines vital for the treatment of HIV/Aids positive people in economically poorer countries.
• that no pressure be used in the interest of profit maximization which results in poorer countries foregoing their rights guaranteed under the TRIPS Agreement (WTO accord for the protection of intellectual property) to use generics for treatment.

* Note: Austria is the only OECD member (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) which does not contribute to the “Global Fund Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria”.

Vienna, 2004

Österreiches Aktionsbündnis gegen HIV/Aids

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